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Why Choose Plastic CNC Machining?

In the process of forming plastic parts and components, there are several different options to consider. For relatively simple shapes and forms, plastic extrusion may be an effective choice. This is a relatively fast process and is ideal when strict tolerances and precise shapes are not necessary.

Another option to consider is injection molding of plastic parts. This is typically used for large scale production types of plastics with simple to moderately complex shapes and forms. These parts have a range of different applications, including the manufacture of highly precise plastic parts and components for medical equipment, aerospace applications, and even the telecommunications industry. The third option, providing extremely high precision for highly complex parts as well as simple shapes and components, is CNC plastic machining. Unlike the aforementioned two options, machining begins with a solid piece of plastic and removes surface material to create the shape.

CNC plastic machining is highly accurate

By using CNC or computer numerically controlled equipment, the CNC plastic machining process can achieve very strict tolerances. There are endless choices in drilling, boring, turning, milling, and other machining operations that can be made through precise replication of pathways and cutting tool speed, workpiece rotation or position, and all other elements of the process.

CNC plastic machining can produce a variety of shapes

Using CNC plastic machining, wall thicknesses and complex shapes can be created on the same workpiece. Highly complex parts and components can be created on multi-axis machining centers depending on the particular equipment used. CNC plastic machining can become a very cost-effective option with only one process and one piece of equipment to create complex shapes. It can also significantly reduce the turnaround time for large or small orders and easily scale up from prototype design to full production.

Three, CNC plastic machining can make it easier to create prototypes of parts. When creating a prototype for a part you want to manufacture, time is of the essence. You want to design the prototype and then make it as soon as possible. CNC plastic machining will give you a fast turnaround time for your prototype and most of the time it won't cost you a large sum of money. You can retrieve your prototype immediately and start using it. Some plastic parts you create require a very smooth finish to function and if you encounter this situation, CNC plastic machining will provide a smoother finish than other technologies. You can also make parts manufactured by plastic injection molding and level them with CNC plastic machining.

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