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Xin Pin Rapid Prototyping Application

Xin Pin is an ISO 9001 certificated manufacturer that focuses on providing high-quality and precision parts to different kinds of industries. With our more than decades of experience and our cognizance of the industry, you can rest assured that we can handle well of each step by our professional technician from prototyping to batch production. It is a one-stop manufacturer.

We are always ready to turn your ideas into reality and provide advanced manufacturing solutions to a variety of applications and industries.

Different Rapid Prototyping Industries

Rapid Prototyping in Automotive Industry


To keep the pace up with the automotive industry growing, our quick turnaround and high efficiency are the keys to producing the needs of customized parts. Xin Pin has been involved with many leading automotive brands both in China and the global around the world.
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Application of Rapid Prototyping in Medical Field

Medical Devices

The medical parts need tight tolerance and unique material with exacting quality standards. Xin Pin has made many kinds of custom parts for the medical industry.
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Rapid Prototyping in Cosumer Products Industry

Consumer Products

At Xin Pin, we can deliever a prototype for your comsumer product. We offer rappid prototyping in time that you can visualize the finished products before entering into the market.
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Moulding in Agriculture

Agriculture Machinery

Xin Pin offers global and innovative solutions for the agricultural machinery in the all their plastic parts from prototyping to full production. We have produce many kinds of custom parts for the Agriculture Mahinery.
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CNC Communication


As it is the digital era, the communication industry is around us and even we rely on it. It is great impact on our daily life. Xin Pin have produced many kinds of prjects for communication parts.
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CNC Marine Kits


At Xin Pin, we combine state-of-the-art technology with our advanced engineering to deliver unparalleled quality and service to the making parts in the Marine.
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Rapid Prototyping in Robotic & Automation Industry

Robotic & Automation

The industrial automotion becomes more and more popular and inteligent in our daily life by the development of science and technology. The smart manufacturing plays important role in the industrial field. We have worked with many Automotion System compann and delievered numerous high quality parts and products for Robotic& Automation company.
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Rapid Prototyping in Aerospace Industry

Aerospace & UAV

Xin Pin provides integrated manufacturing solutions to the aerospace and UAV.Xin Pin have offer many parts on aerospace&UAV both in China and the global around the world.
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