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What is EDM Machining Services?

EDM Machining

What is EDM Machining Services?

EDM is a CNC process that can reduce manufacturing costs by using a conductive graphite or copper electrode to generate the high voltage current sparks against the tool wall, etching away at the surface to produce deep holes, ribs, undercuts, and surface textures. When traditional machining methods have a limitation, electric discharge machining can be done.

Wire EDM is most commonly used in mold-making processes, especially for extrusion and blanking punches. The EDM process allows for high accuracy and is applicable for any conductive material.

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The Advantage of EDM Machining

  • Wide Material choice. It is almost suitable for all conductive materials.

  • Tolerances range +/- 0.005 can be achieved.

  • Little or no polishing is required after the completion of the process.

  • High dimensional accuracy for close-fitting parts.

  • The process leaves minimal burrs to save the deburr and polishing time.

  • No need for custom tooling.

  • The processing is less than the conventional machining.

  • No matter what specifications of pattern, shape, or application, Xin Pin has the wire EDM process experience to provide a quick, precise solution. Contact us today!

FAQs of EDM Machining Services

1 What is EDM Machining?

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a non-traditional machining process based on removing material from a part by means of a series of repeated electrical discharges between tools, called electrodes, and the part being machined in the presence of a dielectric fluid.

2 What industries use EDM machining?

The EDM process is most widely used by the mold-making, tool, and die industries, but is becoming a common method of making prototype and production parts, especially in the aerospace, automobile, and electronics industries in which production quantities are relatively low.

3 What material can be machined in EDM?

It almost sultable for all conductive material.

4 What are the applications of EDM?

Drilling for micro holes in the nozzle.

This is used in thread cutting, wire cutting, rotary form cutting, and Helical profile milling.

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