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Fully Equipped and Strong Production capability to make the part to real
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Quality First, Xin Pin offer high advanced manufacturing solutions on demand.
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Providing One-stop Service from Rapid Prototyping to Production in China
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Machining Service
Providing one-stop service from rapid prototyping to production in China.
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There's Always One Service Meeting Your Needs.
Xin Pin dedicated to provides high-quality products and services, and also meets the procurement needs of customers of different sizes by CNC Machining, 3D printing, Metal Sheet, Vacuum Casting, Injection Molding, Extrusion, Die Casting and post-processing finishes to make your idea and innovation achieve in different field.
  • CNC Machining
  • Vacuum Casting
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • 3D Printing
  • Rapid Injection Molding
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Aluminium Extrusion
Prototype Your ldeas Before Manufacturing
Prototype Your ldeas Before Manufacturing
On demanding production to bring your idea and innovation to achieve. As an established rapid prototyping company, we are happy to bring your idea from design to products and deliver to you with our one-stop production.
01 Design
02 Programming
03 Production
04 Product Delievery

Our advanced machine can guarantee tolerance within ±0.05

Professional Technician rapid manufacturing companycan use the shortest time make the perfect part

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We can make a wide range of products, involving all walks of life. Here below is our mainly process to make the parts. If you have any custom requirements, please contact us directly or email us!
Why Believe Xin Pin
Xin Pin is a Prototyping Manufacturer You Can Trust, Your Professional & Reliable Machining Service
Why Believe Xin Pin
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7*24H Online service. One to one support service by a technical team. Quotation will be quick response within a few hours.
Quality Guarantee
ISO 9001: 2015 certified to ensure that your project meets strict quality specifications.
Competitive Price
Our price will be 30-60% cost lower compared to Western Prices.
Full Service
From getting the drawing to manufactured, each process will be carefully follow-up by our professional team.
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Advanced Machines
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Xin Pin Model is a professional rapid prototyping manufacturer in China. We have developed a one-stop china machining services solution from rapid prototyping to mass production. As an experienced machining services company, Xin Pin manufacturing capabilities include injection molding service, compression molding service, CNC machining service, metal stamping service, 3D printing service, etc.
Xin Pin believes that our rapid manufacturing china service creates values. We hold the company training & activities in every season. Xin Pin Team training with different department teams and colleagues, sharing experiences, and continuously improving our professional level, attitude, and quality of services. Our machining services factories have extremely fast turn-around times and can guarantee the quality.
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