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What is Machined Surface Finish?

Machined Surface Finish

What is Machined Surface Finish?

Parts surface finishing can be used for protection, beautify, and other uses. We don't just make parts. We offer a full suite of professional finishing services. We apply a variety of treatments to improve their appearance, performance, and durability. Learn more about our major finishing services.

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Machined Surface Finish Services

Hand Finishing

From deburr to gluing, filling, modifying, adding inserts, pre-fitting, measuring, and assembling, our handcraft technicians focus on every detail and design specification. And we also can work with the client-supplied components as needed.


The common requirement of polishing are high polishing (mirror polishing), vapor polishing, clear polishing (transparent polishing ), and electropolished

High Polishing: The processed surface will be highly smooth without any marks or machining lines. Especially for the optical/lighting system parts or visual parts.

Vapor Polishing: this can reduce the surface roughness. It is always in PC material.

Clear Polishing: The finished part looks clear and transparent with very good quality for the optical function. It is common to make for PMMA material.

Electropolished: Parts are brushed with aligned marks as much as possible, so as to remove all machine marks first. It always works in stainless steel.


We use the Pantone matching system and RAL classic system to match custom colors or paint samples.

Anodizing & Chemical Passivation

Anodizing & Chemical Passivation helps to resist corrosion, increase surface hardness, improve resistance to wear. This process serves both functional and cosmetic purposes.

Text Printing & Etching

We can print custom text and logos on the parts. Silk screening can be used for larger surfaces and when mixing multiple colors for even more complex graphics; Pad printing can be used for printing on curved surfaces; Laser etching is ideal for making precise and permanent marks on metal and some plastics.

The Advantages of CNC Surface Finish

1. Part Protection

Some metal material is easy to be rusted or corrosion expose in the air or in the assembly. Our finishing solutions can protect your part's surface and longer your parts lifespan

2. Strength and Hardness

Finishing options like plating, anodizing, and electrophoresis can improve the surface hardness and strength of finished parts.

3. Cosmetic Beautification

Making the surface finish can improve the outlook of the parts. Such as the painting, you will have many color choices to enrich your design.

4. Improved Functional Value

By certain textures to the surface of your part, you can promote its functionality and application.

Surface Finish And Machining Process

Some methods such as grinding, honing, polishing, buffing, and superfinishing remove material from the work surface. Other methods such as burnishing, bearing sizing, and ballizing provide smooth surfaces without removing any material from the work surface.

FAQs of Machined Surface Finish

1 Can we offer our parts for part finishing?

We don't recommend doing that. But assured it can. 

2 If I supply my part with a certain color of finishing for matching, can you make your part to be the same?

There would be a little color aberration between parts if they are supplied from different suppliers, but normally we can try our best to keep close to it.

3 What color system do you use?

As for the color, Xin Pin can follow Pantone color, RAL color, and so on. We also adjust the color according to the customer's sample.

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