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What is Low Volume Manufacturing?

Low Volume Manufacturing

What is Low Volume Manufacturing?

Low volume production offers full-scale production, ranging from 100-100000 units to customized rapid production parts. it is a great solution to reduce risk, shorten time to market, and be cost-saving because it doesn't need to invest much amount in the expensive production tool, Besides, it improves on-demand manufacturing in the supply chain with fast turnaround.

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The Advantage of Low Volume Plastic Molding in China

  1. Flexible design change with stable quality

  2. Building brige between prototype to mass production

  3. Reduce financial exposure with short turnabound

  4. Accelerate time to market

Low Volume Manufacturing Services in China

CNC Manufacturing

We leverage our advanced 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining by our skilled technician to make CNC milled and turned parts in a wide range of materials. We are not only can make 1 pcs prototype, but also big volume CNC machining parts as our customer requirement.

Vacuum Casting

At Xin Pin, we can offer our silicone mold to produce parts with colors and textures directly from the mold. Vacuum casting is copied from CNC machined master to achieve high-quality parts in low volume.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Xin Pin can provide a wide range of sheet metal capabilities, from high-quality cutting, punching, bending, to welding services. From prototype to low volume production, we have a strict production system to make our customer's parts to real.

Why Choose Xin Pin for Low Volume Manufacturing

  • For better service our customers, we have a wide range of process options. Xin Pin has CNC machining, vacuum casting, injection molding, die casting, and other processes to support low volume production which is the one-stop manufacturer. With ISO 9001 certified, assured we can manage your projects in high accuracy out of your expectation.

  • Choosing the right machining solutions and right partners will lead to the success of productions. Our goal is to see your success and become long-term cooperation. You as our highly valued customer, will always be ready for your project.

FAQs of Low Volume Manufacturing

1 What materials does Xin Pin work with for its low-volume production service?

We usually use all conventional metals including copper, brass, stainless and mild steel, magnesium, and aluminum. We also supply thousands of commercial plastic resins, including transparent plastics, engineering- and medical-grade plastics, glass-filled plastics, and more.

2 What are Xin Pin quality standards for low-volume production service?

No limitation, 1-10000+ can be allowed.

3 How Xin Pin guarantee the quality with low volume manufacturing?

Xin Pin has a thorough system from production to shipping.

Before production, our fast DFM will be sent for your confirmation. Then, our production staff will report the production status when machining. Last but not least, our QC will show our inspection report to confirm each detail is okay before shipping.

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