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What Are the Advantages of Plastic CNC Machining?

Ⅰ. Understand plastic CNC machining

One of the reasons why CNC machining of plastics is one of the most efficient machining processes is its ability to process a wide variety of materials. The plastic prototyping process involves using plastic to make a prototype. Before machinists started using CNC machining for prototype production, metal used to be the material of choice for crafting. This is because injection molding is preceded by the predominant plastic processing process.

With injection molding, you will have to spend quite a bit of money to make the mold. Machinists also have to be very careful when making molds. This is because errors in the process can lead to additional costs and even increase the amount of the project. CNC machining of plastics is a popular machining process with various applications in different industries around the world. Using this machining process requires professional machine shop services to help your project succeed.

Ⅱ. The advantages of plastic CNC machining

Here are some of the advantages of using plastic CNC machining in part production:

1. Rapid prototyping turnaround: For those who need to make prototypes quickly, plastic CNC machining is the best option. This is because there is no need to make a mold. Therefore, the process is relatively fast, and the cycle time for prototypes will be shorter.

2. Economic process: For other processes like injection molding, you have to build molds that usually take up a lot of resources and time. However, plastic CNC machining does not involve these. Therefore, the amount spent on part production is relatively cheap compared to other processes.

3. Maintain tighter tolerances: For parts that require high-tolerance measurements, plastic CNC machining is an excellent choice for production. This is because it can accommodate tight tolerance measurements. This is very important for parts that will be used in high precision industries.

4. More corrosion and chemical resistance: Plastic CNC machining products have this advantage over metal parts. Plastic parts are more resistant to corrosion compared to metal parts that tend to rust after prolonged use.

Ⅲ. When to consider plastic CNC machining for production?

Selecting the perfect production method can sometimes be a daunting task for customers. However, if you fall into any of these categories, CNC machining with plastic is a great option when your budget is tight or when you need a quick product or prototype turnaround. If your production is low. If you just want to prototype (not necessarily need other types of materials).

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