Xin Pin Prototype Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

New Address of Our Xin Pin

As the development of our business, Xin Pin moves from Shenzhen to Dong Guan city for using of the advantage in the resource. After relocating to the new address, the company site is more significant.

Each department has more sufficient areas; the working environment has become more comfortable; the activity space has become ampler; everyone can work happily. Therefore, transportation is more convenient. Whether it is for logistics or commuting to get off work, it is much more convenient than before! The company can now provide better services. Behind the company is the Dong Bao River. Employees can go for a walk and fish on the riverside trail in their free time and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

The 4th floor, No.6 Building, Dong Yi Street, No. 47 South of Xingfa  Road, Wushu, Chang An Town

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