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What Are the Advantages of Custom CNC Machining?

Numerical control (NC) machining is an effective method for manufacturing small batches of complex, high-precision and diverse parts. It is widely used throughout the manufacturing industry to process various types of materials. NC machining is short for NC machine tool machining. It is a machining technology that involves machining parts on specific NC machine tools. In addition to conventional machining, NC machining tools are controlled by a precisely programmed computer system. The code used to program the NC unit is usually referred to as G-code. It tells the machine how to move the tool to produce the desired parts. NC machine tools are increasingly replacing manual machine tools, such as vertical milling machines, shapers, planers, and center lathes. There are many advantages to using NC machining.

Custom CNC Machining: Flexible machining capabilities

NC machining has very flexible production capabilities and can manufacture custom machined parts. The NC machine can be completely reprogrammed in a short time to produce completely different products. This allows them to quickly turn one part into another. In addition, they can also store past programs that can be pulled out and used at any time, making it flexible to order many or few parts.

Custom CNC Machining: High precision machining

NC's digital templates and automatic machining virtually eliminate human errors and achieve precision within 1/1000. NC machining tools are controlled by a precisely programmed computer system and processed according to digital instructions, without the need for human intervention, thus eliminating errors caused by operators. In addition, many measures have been taken in the design and manufacture of NC machine tools to achieve higher precision in their mechanical parts.

Custom CNC Machining: High machining productivity

Unlike manual machining, NC machine tools can run at 24/7 speed as needed, only stopping work when maintenance or repair is required. As long as you perform routine maintenance checks, these machines can run continuously without issue. NC machine tools also work much faster than manual labor. Because they are faster and do not need rest, NC machining tools have excellent high production efficiency.

Custom CNC machining can reduce operator labor. NC machine tools can work for hours unattended, and once programmed, one operator can supervise many NC machines. It allows the operator to focus on other tasks. This also allows companies to retain fewer operators, saving costs.

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