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Considerations for Choosing Plastic CNC Machining

If you are a product manufacturer, you may need to consider plastic CNC machining, which cuts plastic into smaller shapes. Although it may not have the upfront cost effectiveness, there are many benefits to consider.

Cost and Prototyping of Plastic CNC machining

Although cutting plastic can be more expensive than injection molding, sometimes machining these parts instead of molding them is less expensive. This is because the cost of the mold can be as high as $200,000 or even higher in some cases. The initial cost for a company is therefore quite high. Although molding process costs are lower, you still have to pay for the mold, so if you only need a few parts, or even a medium-sized production run, machining parts may be a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Very often, companies need a prototype of a new part they want to use or have already created. Plastic CNC machining provides faster prototyping turnaround times and can make it more affordable.

Quality Control and Finish of Plastic CNC Machining

When looking for companies to help machine parts, you may want to consider those that have their own machines because they will have more control over production and quality. Some companies claim to offer services and then subcontract them out to other companies. It's always better to do it in-house, which means lower costs, less paperwork, higher quality, and attention to detail for you.

Very often, the parts you create need a smooth surface finish so that they fit well with other parts. Machining parts can produce smoother finishes than other options, such as injection molds, so there are no rough surfaces. If you have already used an injection mold and have a rough part, you can also machine it to remove the gate and smooth it out. In many cases, plastic CNC machining can also maintain tighter tolerances than injection molding.

How to Decide on Plastic CNC Machining?

Machining parts is different from molding parts and many factors should be considered before making a decision. However, in most cases, mold costs will be higher and can raise per-piece prices, while plastic CNC machining can sometimes eliminate that cost, making parts more affordable, allowing you to offer them to consumers at lower costs while still providing them with high-quality items.

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