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What Are the Benefits of Aluminium Pressure Die Casting?

If you are considering using aluminium pressure die casting for new parts, there are several advantages to doing so. aluminium die-castings are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, highly thermally and electrically conductive, and extremely durable. Even if the part walls are thin or the shape is complex, aluminium die-castings maintain their strength and dimensional stability at high temperatures. aluminium pressure die casting also has excellent mechanical properties, making them a popular substitute for steel. This is especially true for the automotive industry, which is constantly searching for lightweight and durable materials.

Benefits of aluminium pressure die casting

Aluminium can be cast in multiple ways. The benefit of using high-pressure die-casting technology for parts is that it is less costly to produce. aluminium high pressure die casting can produce near-net shapes in a matter of seconds. While high-pressure die-casting molds are more expensive than other casting processes, heat-treated steel and water-cooled die-casting molds may produce up to 75K to 200K "casts" over their lifetime. Depending on the size, geometry, and demand for the part, it is often possible to construct the tools to "produce" multiple parts in a single "run" further lowering part costs and allowing machining costs to be spread over a very large number of parts.

So far, aluminium is the most popular die-casting material because of its economical and good performance combination. Parts from many industries such as automotive, medical, alternative energy, etc. are cast by the aluminium pressure die casting process due to its many valuable properties.

Tips for aluminium pressure die casting and mold life extension Prior to the manufacture of a mold, certain factors must be considered in order to maximize mold life. Factors that affect mold life include: overall design of the part, type of tool used to create the mold, mold steel configuration, heat treatment techniques and mold coatings, expectations for part quality.

The importance of working with an experienced aluminium pressure die casting manufacturer

An experienced aluminium pressure die casting manufacturer will take the time to consult with you on your application and assist with product design. They will then design tools to produce parts with repeatable dimensionality, excellent surface quality, consistent mechanical properties, and long tool life. These factors offer the greatest opportunity for cost savings and value maximization. Inexperienced die-casting machines may offer a lower initial cost, but in the long run, quality, delivery, or tool life issues may cost you. Molds manufactured to lower specifications may fail at inopportune times, causing production downtime and costing you more money than originally anticipated.

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