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Understanding the Demand For Plastic CNC Machining

Numerical control, abbreviated as NC, represents computer digital control, which is a process mainly used in the manufacturing field that involves using computers to process machining tools. NC machining is the practice of milling and turning black and non-ferrous metals, including brass, iron, copper, plastic, steel, aluminum or other metals. Precision metals, including silver, gold and platinum, are also processed by service providers.

The demand for plastic CNC machining

As a substitute for metal processing, plastic has become a more widely used medium, and plastic NC machininghas taken off in many industries. We use this machining process to provide precise results. It involves creating designs that include complex niches and angles, regardless of the size of batch orders, that comply with product specifications.

Engineers face many challenges when working with stretchy materials like plastics, including unusual shapes that plastics may need to be processed into, and tolerances that may affect plastics and production quantities. Our industry experts in plastic procurement and design ensure the correct prototypes are produced with high precision and strict tolerances.

Industries that use plastic CNC machining

Various clients in many industries, such as aerospace, medicine, hydraulics, space, electronics and even food, require professionally machined plastics. This is because machining often makes more sense than molding, and machining allows plastic to be maximized in its characteristics and complexity. If you are a product manufacturer, you may need to consider plastic NC machining, which cuts plastics into smaller shapes. While it may not have the cost-effectiveness of pre-forming, there are many benefits to consider.

Often, businesses need to provide prototypes for new parts they hope to use or have already created. Plastic NC machining provides faster prototype turnover and can make it more affordable. Often, the parts you create need smooth surface treatments so they can fit well with other parts. Machined parts can produce smoother surfaces than other options, such as injection molds, so there are no rough surfaces. If you have already used injection molds and have a rough part, you can also machine it to remove sprues and smooth it. In many cases, plastic NC machining can also maintain tighter tolerances than injection molding.

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