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The Benefits of Rapid Molding for Injection Molded Product Design

Rapid prototyping is an option to show customers the planned product, new potential financial partners they can invest in, and the ability to make minor adjustments to designs to optimize manufacturing. So what are the benefits of using rapid molding in plastic injection molding product design?

Design detail development and tool development with rapid molding

Your initial idea may be just a concept, but it can quickly develop into a 3D model of the final planned product. Once you reach this stage of development, rapid molding can help further refine the design to improve manufacturing and secondary processing. After creating samples, you can change the design to increase radius, thicken walls for increased strength, and add details that were not present in previous designs. In just a few sample cycles, you can complete all tests, design all auxiliary processes, and be ready to create tools without excessive costs.

Once the final design is determined, you may be ready to start cutting steel or aluminum for the final manufacturing tool. Using at least one rapid molding option before cutting the first chip can greatly reduce future costs. The best reason to use rapid molding before starting production is to reduce time and investment. Rapid prototyping can easily be used to measure improvements in tool and part design.

Manufacturing process improvement and secondary processing with rapid molding

When the tool is ready, you may think you can start producing parts that are 100% ready for the manufacturing process. The fact is that defined processes can quickly show errors that are not visible in subsequent manufacturing steps. Rapid prototyping, even in its raw form, can allow technicians to gain a deeper understanding of the processing process, show the necessary steps added to later processes, and help process engineers evaluate the efficiency of the entire manufacturing cycle. Rapid prototyping samples can also help provide written instructions and allow for pictures to be used in instruction manuals for the final customer.

Your new product may require secondary processing such as ultrasonic welding or drilling and tapping. Rapid prototyping samples can be used to verify fixtures and cycle times for new tools and equipment. You may find that adding another step throughout the manufacturing process is the best course of action to ensure your product is ready for the market.

Packaging creation and improvement with rapid molding

Your product may require simple or customized packaging before being ready to ship to holding distribution warehouses or sales points. Using rapid molding allows testing of packaging to ensure your product arrives undamaged. Samples can also be used to define packaging specifications for single products in containers or bulk packaging to reduce overall packaging during shipping.

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