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The Advantage of CMM

Coordinate measuring machines find applications in automobiles, machine tools, electronics, space, and many other large companies. These machines are best suited for the test and inspection of test equipment, gauges, and tools.

CMMs are also best for ensuring the economic viability of NC machines by reducing their downtime for inspection results. They also help in reducing cost, rework costs at the appropriate time with a suitable CMM.

Many Advantages Once Using CMM

a. The inspection rate is increased.

b. Accuracy is more.

c. Operator's errors can be minimized. The skill requirements of the operator are reduced. d. Reduced inspection fixturing and maintenance cost

e. Reduction of scrap and good part rejection.

Simplification of inspection procedures, the possibility of reduction of total inspection time through the use of statistical and data analysis techniques. You will likely want to consider a wide variety of factors, to ensure you are making the correct choice. For example, the suitability of its design, robustness, or having a flexible probe to cover all possible surfaces might be a necessity.

At Xin Pin, When it comes to the parts, our engineering and quality teams design detailed work plans to ensure your parts stay in specification time and time again.

Machining Track Monitoring

This technology has been widely used. The technology has many performance differences that distinguish its working mode in low-end control systems from that in high-end control systems. Generally speaking, cnc machining custom realizes the preprocessing of the program by monitoring the machining track, so as to ensure that it can obtain more excellent acceleration/deceleration control. According to the performance of different CNC, the number of program blocks required for monitoring the machining track varies from two to hundreds, which is mainly determined by the shortest machining time of the part program and the time constant of acceleration/deceleration. Generally speaking, in order to meet the machining requirements, at least fifteen program blocks for machining track monitoring are required.

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