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Plastic CNC Machining for Medical and Food Industries

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that creates a complete part by steadily drilling, turning or milling away thin layers from a solid block of metal or plastic. Computer-aided design files guide computer-controlled cutting tools down a set toolpath to shape the final part. Since computers are responsible for most of the machining in this process, the process is known for quick turnarounds and producing high-quality, uniform parts. What's more, CNC machining can produce parts with the tightest tolerances.

1. Plastic CNC machining applied to medical equipment

Due to the inherent precision provided by this method, CNC machining of plastics is an excellent choice for medical devices and components. Medical device manufacturers trust CNC machining to reliably produce the same complex parts. The design flexibility this process allows is also advantageous. Engineers can easily change or manipulate digital design files to achieve the parts they want to quickly and easily create personalized medical devices such as dental surgical guides or cardiac implants. In addition, there are many readily available medical-grade materials for CNC machining of plastics.

2. Plastic CNC machining is used in food and beverage industry parts

As FDA regulations evolve and consumers increasingly demand healthy, sustainable food and beverage manufacturing, the demand for high-quality food service equipment is higher than ever. Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry need parts that are strong enough to work around the clock, yet safe and gentle enough to come into contact with the foods people eat every day.

Plastic CNC machining helps engineers achieve this delicate balance. UHMWPE, a popular plastic for CNC machining, is a stain, abrasion, odor and solvent resistant plastic that meets all FDA, USDA and 3-A dairy requirements. Plastic CNC machining can be used to make everything from spray booms to assembly line parts.

3. Plastic CNC machining is applied to semiconductor parts

Semiconductor components provide a moderate level of electrical conductivity, between conductors and insulators. Semiconductor components are used in a range of electronic devices, including diodes, integrated circuits, transistors, and more. It would be impossible to manufacture these parts without plastic CNC machining. Semiconductor parts and assemblies are often very complex and require extremely tight tolerances and high polished surface finishes. The precision and mechanical strength achieved by CNC machining make this process ideal for the production of such parts. CNC machining of plastics produces tough parts with excellent electrical properties, ideal for applications such as electrical insulators, small circuits, gaskets and watertight seals.

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